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Dulwich College Shanghai

Housed in facilities rivaling many universities, this private school oers a curriculum based on the British system. With a bounty of extracurricular activities including cricket, dance, rugby, soccer, chess, yoga, basketball, swimming, science club and music, the school develops well-rounded students in a nurturing environment.

- IB (International Baccalaureate)
- ESL class (Y12)
- Chinese language class
- Half day program
- Full day program
- Full week program
- Half-week program
- School bus/shuttle bus
- School lunch
- After-school activities
- School uniform

Age Level
2 DUCKS Foundation (Toddler)
3 DUCKS Foundation(Nursery)
4 DUCKS Foundation (Reception)
5-6 DUCKS Key Stage 1
7-10 Junior School (Key Stage 2)
11-13 Senior School (Lower School)
13-15 Senior School (IGCSE)
16-18 Senior School (IB)

Total students: 1,050+
DUCKS: 330, Main Campus: 720
Students per class: maximum 20
Toddler: maximum 12
Nursery-reception: maximum 16

Contact Us

Main Campus

266 Lan’an Road, Jinqiao District,
Pudong, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-5899-9910*713
FE-mail: admissions@dulwich-shanghai.cn
Website: www.dulwich-shanghai.cn

DUCKS Campus

425 Lan’an Road, Jinqiao District,
Pudong, Shanghai
Te: +86-21-5899-9910
E-mail: admissions@dulwich-shanghai.cn

Minghang Campus

2000 Qianpujing Road,
Minghang District,Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-3329-9399

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