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Around 2010, we received more and more requests from our real estate customers to provide more than just simple home search services. As we were already a successful real estate agency, our individual and corporate customers suggested us to add additional services to become a Destination Service Provider (DSP) which more reflected the needs they required. Due to growing demand and to increase customer satisfaction and a smoother transition, we then started to provide more and more services such as orientation, settling-in and tenancy services and trained and hired more consultants for this particular department, thus Maxview Relocation was established. Since then we have relocated over 1000 international assignees ever year. With our offices established in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Suzhou and due to our extensive network of connections and collaborative partners we are able to provide nationwide relocation coverage in China – to go where you need us to go.





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Main Features

 One-stop solution

We simply do not only provide destination services, we have the full spectrum: Maxview Group has a realty branch, a licensed visa and immigration department, relocation services and a lifestyle site devoted to the daily expat resources and experience. Let us built the bridge for you to enter a new world with endless possibilities.

 Seamless Tenancy management

Preliminary reports, facts, figures and market situation on most first, second and third tier cities in China. With more information at hand global corporation are able to better determine the situation and make informed decisions.


 Financial disbursement

Our Tenancy Management services offers our clients to be covered by our TM, which encompasses the majority of the problems our clients generally face. Linked into our Settle-in-China™ program, the TM allows real-time information sharing with our consultants and clients are able to upload photos of problems and track and view the progress inside Settle-in-China™.

 Outsourced mobility specialists

One of our essential core services, it is well regarded among our corporate clientele. We have established infrastructure and system in place to help corporate clients manage their financial needs, from rental, utility, deposit and even pre payment. We are able to handle overseas payment as well via our Hong Kong office.


 National coverage

We also outsource our mobility specialists to corporate to solve tasks in conjunction with corporate HRs to handle all the tasks specifically focused on just the corporation. This allows for immediate hands on resolutions if required and the outsourced mobility specialists will report to the corporation directly.

 Local Market Research and Report

With 6 offices in China and over 30 cooperative partners all over China we are able to provide a nation-wide coverage. With us being your single point of contact, we will help you save time, resources and money.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Maxview made our whole stay very comfortable and fruitful. They tried to understand our needs and patiently showed us choices available. They were careful not to push us into making a hasty decision and once we decided onto a property negotiated well on the behalf of us.”

Praveen Kedar
Director, GM CHINA

"Maxview was very helpful in finding suitable new flat for me very quickly and efficiently and helped to handle negotiations with the landlord. In addition, they were really great in terms of helping me with my relocation which occurred in December when I had a number of business trips and went on annual leave."

Celina Chew
CFO, Bayer Greater China

“The service Maxview provides is outstanding and on point. Their moving service is efficient and we were very happy. We were impressed with the help we have received when first arriving, with good orientation service provided.

Alex Schümann
Sales Director, GNC


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