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About Maxview Realty


Maxview Realty's aims: Simplify the relocation process, Reduce housing costs, Enhance customer satisfaction Relocating a large number of expats is rarely easy. Foreigners coming to Shanghai face many problems, and for an HR manager this means lost productivity, a heavier workload and slower integration of relocated employees into the workforce.


Maxview Realty is here to make the transition as smooth and headache-free as possible. We’ll find the right homes for you or your staff, smooth the settling-in process and pull out all the stops to help expats feel as comfortable in Shanghai as they do back home. That means happier staff, higher productivity and increased employee retention.


Unlike other companies, we’re not just a collection of residential agents or representatives of landlords. We focus on building long-term relationships and providing excellent customer service.


Maxview's Background


Funded by leading US venture capital, Maxview Realty provides a full range of real estate consulting services. We combine Shanghai real estate market knowledge with a selected group of experienced experts on real estate, making it our priority to understand the specific needs of our lients and provide tailor-made service programs to both corporations and individual expats.
Daily Updates
Yongjia Road posted 2017-03-20
Xijiao Hua Cheng Villa posted 2017-03-20
Park Lane posted 2017-03-17
Sussie Place posted 2017-03-17
SH000988 Changshu Road posted 2017-03-17
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