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Three steps to find the perfect rental apartment and housing in Shanghai

Last Updated: Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 15:30

Hello everyone, my name is Tom. Having lived and moved a various few times, I do believe that finding the right apartments through a map is the most direct way. However when you are confronted with a screen full of landmarks, buildings and roads it is surprisingly difficult to find your perfect dream home, whether it is via Google maps or Baidu maps.

In the face of this problem we have identified several key points that you as a potential tenant want to be able to sort through: receive accurate housing information, easily sort through the various compounds and accurate GPS positions of the places, all to shorten the time required to find the perfect place. In order to achieve this we have developed and perfected our new mapping features, with this you will only require 3 steps to find your new home.

Today, in this article, I would like to finally announce and introduce you our new features, to let you find Shanghai apartments, services apartments, old houses and villas much more easily.


1.The Map 2.Requirements and Conditions 3.The Options and Results


Area 1: Direct search, accurate positioning.

If you have been to Shanghai before and know your environment, then you can directly input the area your interested in, for example Jing’an, Pudong or Huangpu and more. Once you have input the area, nearby potential compounds names will pop up for your choosing, once chose, the map will zoom into the location of chosen compound. If you are new to Shanghai, you only need to clicks to receive more information, or you can input your specific housing requirements to access the corresponding housing details that are in accord with your requirements.


(Take this Pudong area for example: Simply click on Pudong ->Lujiazui->Fraser Suites Top Glory)

In addition to this you can also sort the housing according to the nearby metro lines and see available housing near that particular line.

More importantly, the area 3 will show the listings information, the number of rooms, the area, and the price as you choose a different compound.

Area 2: Personalized parameters, visualized as you choose them

If you already have an idea on the your housing required, such as budget and room type, then Area 2 will be most useful for you. Simply drag the slider, select the budget range and Area 3 will change according to conditions you have set and at the same time you can continue add different conditions to your existing ones to find the number of available housing that correspond to these requirements. If you have a big family you can choose villas, or if you are a single person you may choose apartments as your room types, this will then represent on the areas 1 and 2 according to your set conditions.


Area 3: Detailed listings

Of course, in addition to the above search functions, we have also provided visual selection via the map, this is what region 3 is for, you only need to scroll or drag the drop down bar to see all the listings with authentic photos. All of the photos are shot by our own staff, you might even see these particular apartments when you visit your friends or check their social media accounts when the post selfies in their new apartment, then you can be assured that they have found these new places through us. If you find an apartment that appeals to you, simply click to enter, or click on the navigation bar to contact us and leave a message, our stuff will promptly reach out to you to answer any of you enquiries.

[Reaching this point, most of the new structure has now been introduced, but the new functions of the map is far from just these, in the coming times we will continue to upgrade and introduce new features to help you find appropriate housing more quickly and more efficiently.]

However don’t leave just yet, below Peter will explain his experience with the new map function.

Recently Peter has found and moved into a new apartment, successfully found through our new map function:

Tom: Hi Peter, Could you please explain to us how you used the new map function to find your current home?

Peter: Hi Tom. Okay, I like to do things by myself such as searching apartments online, because I believe this will net me better and more on point results. In the past I have used Google’s in-built mapping function, however I have noticed their information are outdated and many of the new compounds are not being shown, thus I gave up.

Tom: So you have tried to find a new way to search for homes?

Peter: Yes, I have registered on several real estate agent websites, but once I started using their mapping function many problems such as bad user interface, unsorted and often wrong information and inaccurate GPS positioning, thus disappointing me greatly.

Tom: You mean pages like this?


Peter: You just reminded me of those wasted 30 minutes on that day..

Tom: Sorry about that Peter, well lets get to the point, how did you use our mapping function to find your current home?

Peter: OK, first of all, my housing budget was in the range of 50,000, with two people, me and my friend sharing the place, therefore we needed a 2 bedroom. My work is in Huangpu District, therefore I searched for a place in that area too.

1. So I first inputted the area Huangpu, when various compounds popped up I choose Liyuan.


After a second loading time, the compound’s information was shown.


2. navigation bar to input my budget for the housing and set it at 45,000 and lower.

The page refreshed and updated as I inputted my requirements and gave me immediate results that are based on my requirements.


3. Then I chose to use more filters, to narrow down my options and choose the 2 bedroom as a requirement.


Then I chose one of the apartments that seemed appealing to me from the finalized results (which you cannot see anymore as I live in it now and has been thus taken off)


Tom: I see, thank you a lot Mike, therefore you used three steps to find your perfect home. Really nice.

Peter: Indeed, I hope in the future it will not require more than 3 steps too.

Tom: Okay, it will be done.

he new map features are still being developed, the performance will be constantly updated and optimized. We hope that we are able to provide all our foreign friends working in Shanghai their perfect home just like Peter here, through our expansive database and superior technology.

Now this is the end of Maxview Realty’s press release, we will soon release our next projects- 【Shanghai 5 cost-effective compounds for expatriates to live in】till next time!

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