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Welcome to Maxview Realty. We are a top-rated Shanghai real estate services provider. Look no further to find apartments for rent in Shanghai. Leasing expat housing, relocating, and finding high-end flats, villas, and old houses for rent in Shanghai is much easier with us. Maxview Realty has been a professional Shanghai rental property manager and online service provider for expats since 2009. With nearly 300 Shanghai properties and hourly updates of new Shanghai house and apartment rental information, you can easily search for and rent a high-quality property in Shanghai. Check out our apartment search service and Shanghai property map today!


Apartments for Rent in Shanghai

  1. Forty One Hengshan Road 3bedroom 180sqm ¥35,000

    Forty One Hengshan Road

    ¥ 35,000/Month


  2. Ladoll International City 4bedroom 200sqm ¥35,000

    Ladoll International City

    ¥ 35,000/Month


  3. Baroque Palace 3bedroom 180sqm ¥40,000

    Baroque Palace

    ¥ 40,000/Month


Villas for Rent in Shanghai

  1. Tomson Golf Villa 7bedroom 800sqm ¥100,000

    Tomson Golf Villa

    ¥ 100,000/Month


  2. Le Chambord 4bedroom 350sqm ¥45,000

    Le Chambord

    ¥ 45,000/Month

    Huqingping Minhang

  3. Le Chambord 5bedroom 350sqm ¥45,000

    Le Chambord

    ¥ 45,000/Month

    Huqingping Minhang

Old Houses for Rent in Shanghai

  1. Nanyang Rd 3bedroom 120sqm ¥48,000

    Nanyang Rd

    ¥ 48,000/Month


  2. Fumin Road 2bedroom 100sqm ¥20,000

    Fumin Road

    ¥ 20,000/Month


  3. Xiangyang S. Road   2bedroom 120sqm ¥23,000

    Xiangyang S. Road

    ¥ 23,000/Month




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  2. Shanghai | Preparations | Language
    Our expat relocation guide introduces you to Mandarin, the main language spoken in China, as well as Shanhainese, the dialect that is spoken in Shanghai
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Shanghai’s property market cools further

Shanghai’s property market cools further

SHANGHAI'S new home sales market lost its strength for the third consecutive week with sluggish momentum continuing to prevail among h...2017.05.25

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Maxview Realty provides a full range of real estate consulting services helping expats to search for and find apartments, serviced apartments, villas, and oldhouses for rent in Shanghai. Tenancy management, lease negotiation, and city orientation are our specialties and we would be happy to use our strengths to help make your life in Shanghai as convenient as possible. For more information please call Maxview at +86 21 3251 8500 from 9am to 9pm.

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