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Shanghai | Preparations | Geography

2016-11-09 Shanghai | Preparations | Geography

In order to help new expats settle in, our relocation guide describes the geography of Shanghai, as well as nearby places that can be visited on day trips


Shanghai | Preparations | History

2016-11-09 Shanghai | Preparations | History

If you are moving to Shanghai, our relocation guide includes the city's history from its earliest days until now


Shanghai | Preparations | Language

2016-10-04 Shanghai | Preparations | Language

Our expat relocation guide introduces you to Mandarin, the main language spoken in China, as well as Shanhainese, the dialect that is spoken in Shanghai


Shanghai | Preparations | People and Culture

2016-10-04 Shanghai | Preparations | People and Culture

For new expats moving to Shanghai, getting to know the people and culture can be the most demanding, yet rewarding, elements of your new life, Our relocation guide introduces you to Shanghainese people and life, in order to make your transition as smooth as possible

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