Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎
Joffre Garden 东方巴黎

Joffre Garden

¥ 16,500-55,000/month Enquiry now

Featured Description

Joffre Garden has managed the impossible; residents are both ensconced in a private, international-style retreat, and, simultaneously, tucked away in a typical Shanghai neighborhood. It’s a refreshing change from housing compounds that feel as if they are in a different country altogether.

It’s at the outer wall where the two worlds collide. On one side, a curved walkway, an outdoor playground, and tranquil seating areas are at the forefront. On the other side, local apartment buildings team with life. Traditional music plays softly out of the windows and residents pop in and out of balconies to hang their laundry.

If you’re worried about a possible noise issue, there’s no need to be. The neighbors – retirees mostly – are very respectful. In any case, Joffre Garden is comprised of well-built, modern high-rises that effectively cocoon residents from any noise disturbances. In case of any problems, staff members are easily available, and each residential building has a ground floor lobby with a reception desk and a waiting area.

Each apartment unit is individually owned, so design styles vary from one apartment to another. If you like the compound, but not the particular apartment that you’ve been shown, make sure to ask about other available units. Each tenant has free access to onsite facilities, including a gym, tennis court, etc. Other aspects, which sometimes go unremarked upon, but nonetheless add to the overall ambiance include: French-influenced bush-lined walkways, a large public wooden deck, and dedicated outdoor exercise zones.

Joffre Garden is situated directly behind the South Shaanxi Road metro station (Lines 1/10/12) and the IAPM Mall, which is home to a two-story official Apple Store, a City Super (an international supermarket), and a range of dining and shopping options that include everything from H&M to Alexander McQueen.

The IAPM mall itself borders Middle Huaihai Road, a major commercial street that provides residents with a “non-stop” shopping experience. Also nearby is the historic Cathay theatre, the Kung Fu Komedy Club (with shows in English), the expat-run Craft’d Shanghai, the popular Dragonfly Spa, etc.

Aside from the South Shaanxi metro station, residents are also within walking distance of Changshu and Middle Huaihai Road metro stations. In total, five different metro lines are less than a 15 minutes’ walk away. Many major central locations are easily reachable by car, public transport, or bike. The Hongqiao Airport is about an hour away by car, or just 30 minutes by metro. Jing’an Temple is 20 minutes away by car or metro, or just 11 minutes by bike. People’s Square, the Bund, Lujiazui, and Zhongshan Park are also within easy reach.

Features & Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Satellite TV
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym
  • Salon
  • Coffee Shop


LAYOUT: 1 Bedroom
SIZE: 270-270 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥52,000-52,000
LAYOUT: 2 Bedrooms
SIZE: 87-145 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥16,500-35,000
LAYOUT: 3 Bedrooms
SIZE: 124-160 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥23,000-39,000
LAYOUT: 4 Bedrooms
SIZE: 160-245 sqm
ASKING RENT: ¥35,000-55,000


Located on Nanchang Road, directly behind the former Xiangyang Market, steps from Huaihai lu, walking distance to popular downtown nightlife.



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