Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657
Le Marquis 3bedroom 175sqm ¥21,000 PRS1657

Le Marquis

¥ 21,000/month

Le Marquis

Featured Description

With the exception of one room, which can be converted to according to the tenant’s needs, the entire apartment is simply and tastefully furnished. Each room is spacious, allowing for an easy merging with the tenant’s own items. Everything is in great condition, and there are large windows throughout the residence.
- Features a spacious balcony
- Comes complete with furnishings and appliances
- Conveniently located near international shopping & dining venues
- A short distance away from a nearby metro station
- Located in a major commercial area


  • Fully furnished
  • Floor heating
  • Double glazing
  • Water treatment system
  • Oven
  • Tableware sets
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi


Located on Taiyuan Road,in Xuhui district. Easy access to Xujiahui, near Zhaojiabang Road.

Compound Featured Description

Le Marquis is a small-sized residential complex that was completed in 2007. It’s comprised of 3 low-rise buildings and 2 high-rise buildings, with layouts ranging from two- to four-bedrooms. Its 169 apartments come fully-equipped with quality furnishings, appliances, and fittings. They also have double-glazed windows and water resistant flooring.

A beautiful and calming pool of water forms the focal point of the complex. A zen gazebo, a specially-chosen tree, and a modern art structure have been strategically placed to add to the overall ambiance of the area. Water-side benches and the calming sound of water running off the edges make it the perfect area to relax or chat with friends.

At one end of the pool of water is a glass-walled clubhouse with an indoor swimming pool. There’s also an onsite gym and sauna. Manicured greenery, nice lobbies, and 24-hour security services are some of the complex’s other features. A decade later, the complex is starting to show some wear-and-tear, but its quiet environment and superb location continue to push it to the top of rental lists.

Le Marguis is located in the commercial, fast-paced district of Xuhui. Alongside Huangpu District and Jing’an District, Xuhui District is one of the city’s major affluent urban districts. Known for its history as an academic and religious center, gorgeous tree-lined streets in the Former French Concession area, and an endless array of shopping and dining options, Xuhui has remained as a long-time favorite of expatriates and locals alike.

Once owned by the Xu family, Xuhui’s Xujiahui area (the heart of the district) became engraved in time when one member, Xu Guangqi, rose to become the country’s most prominent Catholic convert and, in cooperation with his foreign counterparts, translated influential texts between Latin and Chinese. Over time, the area became known as a Catholic stronghold and a center of learning, as well as for its ties to the neighboring French Concession. Although much of the area was repurposed for industrial purposes in the mid-1900s, a 1990s development project has revived the area and transformed it into a major commercial area.

Today, Xuhui District is home to a number of key roads and sites, including: part of Huaihai Road, part of the Former French Concession area (shared with Huangpu), Shaanxi Road, Wukang Road, Fuxing Road, Shanghai Stadium (IKEA nearby), Panyu Road and Jiaotong University. It also borders Huangpu Creek, includes the South Shanghai Railway Station and the Inner Ring Elevated Road (an expressway), and provides for easy access to Huangpu, Pudong, Changing, and Minhang. As a central district, the area is well supported by the city’s expansive metro system, and some areas can be even be reached by bike or on foot.

Compound Features and Facilities

  • 24-hour Management
  • Satellite TV
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Sauna



To Schools and Airport (Km)
Euro Campus
Hongqiao Airport
Pudong Airport
To place of interest (Km)
Portman Hotel
Gubei Carrefour
Hengshan Road
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